Productivity = Profitability

Streamlining processes and providing your staff with the information they need to make faster and better decisions with free you up to service your customers better. With accurate, real-time information at their finger-tips staff no longer needs to search or call for information, dramatically reducing the time to answer customer inquiries.

Optimizing and automating manually demanding processes such as inventory counts, receiving, pick/pack/ship or other warehouse operations can save you time and money while increasing the number of orders you can handle in a day.

Connecting all your business systems into one central integrated inventory management softwareeliminates much of the duplicate data entry and ensures all employees have the same information, in real-time. No need to be manually updating pricing on your website, or re-entering ordering in to QuickBooks and your order fulfillment software. Everything can be done in one easy to use ecommerce inventory software.

Improved customer experience

Customer Experience is central to success in business. Giving your customers the service they expect will have them coming back for more, and recommending you to others. Having professional inventory systems in place to better serve your customers will let you set customer expectations, reduce errors in orders and shipping, give your customers tools to help themselves and let you process more orders in less time. Your staff will have more time to go that extra mile to make your customers happy since they will no longer be running around the warehouse looking for items or constantly calling the sales person when stock isn’t available.