From Website to Warehouse

Integrated eCommerce and web-portals maximize customer experience and speed fulfillment

Having a strong web presence has never been more important than it is today in creating an excellent customer experience.  Let AdvancePro build your website, with a totally integrated shopping cart that manages all aspects of the sales process from the time the customer logs in to place an order to the shipment of your product out of the warehouse doors.  Whether you sell to the general public, to other businesses or through sales reps, AdvancePro has the integrated web services you need to be successful.  AdvancePro integrates the entire process ensuring that accurate information is always available to your customers and your staff.

AdvancePro shopping carts include:


  • Full custom design, setup and installation
  • Fully integrated, single point of data-entry system that syncs with QuickBooks
  • Inventory information on your shopping cart
  • Simplified content management – One system to manage inventory and website
  • Setup promotion and discount codes
  • Integrate payment with PayFlow Pro, or US Bank gateways
  • Three levels of shopping cart to choose from including B2C, B2B and Sales Rep.


B2C Shopping Cart

Your B2C shopping cart is your online portal to the general public.  All products, pricing, promotion codes, availability and more are managed using a single point of entry.  Since AdvancePro is fully integrated, fulfillment of orders is easy, with all transactions syncing information into QuickBooks.

B2B Shopping Cart

Your B2B shopping cart is your online portal for selling only to business consumers.  By creating customer specific logins, you can restrict only a select group of customers to viewing inventory on your site.  You can also specify the product mix and pricing available to different customers or groups of customers.

Sales Rep Web Portal

Your sales rep web portal is your online portal for your sales reps to login remotely and place orders, create new customer accounts and manage their sales and commissions.  You can setup an unlimited number of sales reps and allow sales reps only to manage those accounts assigned to them.  Sales reps can view customer specific availability and pricing which are created in AdvancePro.


For more information on AdvancePro inventory management system see our full features list available here.

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B2C Example Sites:



B2B and Sales Rep Sample Sites:

Note B2B and Sales Rep Sites require users to login.  These are provided as samples only, to get access to a test site, contact AdvancePro.