Subscribing to the B2B .NET Web Services gives you the powerful tools necessary to manage your wholesale business. You are able to create password protected, personalized websites for all your customers and set customer specific pricing, volume discounts, and any other customer specific rules. Your customers get a personal secure portal to place orders themselves as well as maintain and monitor all their order details.

Upon entry into the B2B customer website, customers will immediately view featured products that you have specifically assigned to them. This will allow you to push particular items that you know will sell, have excess stock of, or are on special promotion.

Test run this module by using the following login information. For more information, please contact our Sales Reps – 1800-970-9071

Sample B2B Site:


User name: advance
Password: advance

The B2C .NET Web Services acts as your general public E-commerce website. This is an open website and does not require a password to use. Visitors can browse through your product catalog and purchase products directly from the site. While placing an order, users can create an account in which they can view their current and past orders. Customer information automatically gets drawn into AdvancePro.

Test run this module by using the following login information. For more information, please contact our Sales Reps – 1800-970-9071.

Sample B2C Site:


User name: advance
Password: advance

Key Points:

  • Have a fully integrated application – your Website links directly with your inventory/order fulfillment system. NO NEED FOR DOUBLE ENTRY OR INCOMPATIBLE SYSTEMS.
  • Update and personalize your website directly through the AdvancePro application
  • Display featured products and best sellers on your home page
  • Feature products per category and per sub-category
  • Advertise on your site (up to 4 ads that you can upload yourself)
  • Customers can create personal accounts for easy and secure shopping

AdvancePro’s B2C solution is the obvious way to incorporate all your systems into one management console, all easily controlled by you. There is no need to have any kind of separation between your website and your other systems!

How do B2C Web Services work?

With the click of a button synchronize AdvancePro and your website.

Whenever you make a change within AdvancePro, you will be notified that there is data that must be synchronized with your webservices. Simply click the “synchronize” button and AdvancePro will synch with your website. At the same time, any customer orders placed on your website will be downloaded into AdvancePro and be viewable as open orders. Orders placed by new customers also add the new customer to your Customers database.

As orders get imported into AdvancePro, the powerful built-in inventory system will reserve enough inventory to fill your orders while simultaneously updating the website so that you don’t oversell.


What about my static pages? (i.e. about us, customer service etc.)

When signing up for Web Services, we design a customized website template based your company colors. You provide your logo and information for static pages such as “about us” and “customer service”. You have the ability to upload up to 4 advertisements which are displayed down the right hand side of your site promoting special offers, programs, and sales.

Once you’re set up, everything else is done through your AdvancePro application!

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