Your warehouse is the workhorse behind shipping off orders to your customers and receiving orders from your vendors, and AdvancePro warehouse stock management software brings you all the functionality you need to manage your warehouse effectively.
Warehouse staffs are given a dashboard view of all orders that require attention in the pick, pack, ship and receive stages. Your warehouse staff can also receive customer returns and ship off vendor returns.
Picking slips can be printed, worked with on a PC, or can be displayed using AP Mobile, AdvancePro’s mobile warehouse application designed for mobile scanning devices. A picking sequence can be setup allowing you to do wave picking in your warehouse. This means that instead of walking back and forth in the warehouse until an order is fully picked, your picking process can be made much more efficient.
Orders can be picked, packed and shipped in one step or as individual steps in your warehouse process. If you require the ability to palletize your orders and print bills of lading, AdvancePro warehouse stock management systems have you covered with our Advanced Shipping module.
When your warehouse staff receive inventory, they will receive against your vendor purchase order so that they know exactly what inventory is expected. Since you are receiving in real-time in AdvancePro, you will know right away whether you have been short shipped or over shipped. Additionally, if your vendor sends incorrect items, your receiver will know to reject the item or items, instead of needing to reconcile later. Additionally, using this approach to receiving, you will only receive inventory you order, and only pay for inventory you receive.