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Listen to your customer!

Shhhh…. do you hear that? its your customer telling you what they want. You don’t hear it? Let me help you. Take a peak at your customer data base and look at their order history. Are their orders increasing? How long is it taking you to deliver from the time the order is placed? How many people are touching that order? How often are you short shipping on orders? How many times do you have to connect with the customer referencing a specific order? Does your customer have to call your office to follow up on orders?

What did you find out?

Did you find out that the orders from your customers are not increasing because the inventory is not always available when they place an order? Did you discover that they are starting to find product from other suppliers? Did you figure out that its taking more than 24 hours to turn around an order? Look closer – is it taking over 1,2,,,3??? weeks? to get an order out. Did you figure out that you are touching an order 5-6 times – that’s right, first downloading from a shopping cart, entering into excel, then enter into UPS station, then enter in QB – how many mistakes were made? Did you find out that your office is chasing business you already closed because between the sales person, the secretary, the warehouse guy, and the customer everyone has to talk to each other and pass notes back and forth just to get one little order confirmed. Did you account for the costs of your resources because your inventory is being managed to give you real time intelligent information when you need it – at the time the order is placed. Did you find out that your inventory is always off and you could have sworn you have the stock but no one can find it and then someone shows it to you 6 months later buried. Did you do the dust test and find out you are sitting on enough dead inventory that you could have sent your kid to college, twice?

“We simply wanted to tell you that we love the AdvancePro v10 upgrade. The enhanced graphics are very clean and make the system so much more intuitive. We launched the system a month ago and rarely have any issues, which we figure out on our own.”

– Siyana and Andy, Marcellamoda

Are you listening? Your customer is saying something. Hold on.. oh there it is. He’s asking you nicely to get your act together. She wants to place her order as she needs the goods. He doesn’t want to figure out your stock. He just wants you to touch his information once and know that you can turn it around in 24 hours. Oh and he is telling you something? What is it? yes that’s what he’s saying… get your warehouse in order, get your inventory managed properly and you’ll do 10X more business with me!

So hear my advice. Stop listening and start doing. Advancerpo inventory management is not a cost to your company its a direct investment in your growth, future, and customer happiness. Advancepro is an extremely easy to use, very effective, and affordable ERP with a focus on inventory management. Know everything about your inventory in real time on demand. STOP using excel spreadsheets married with QB so you can nickel and dime that business of yours thinking you are saving money. Aside from the fact that your counting inventory on the weekends instead of hanging with your growing kids – your also losing money, a lot of money. Here’s how. You are likely paying far more to process simple orders than you think – your staff are becoming administrators when they should be revenue generators. Product is getting shipped to the wrong address because someone made an input error at the UPS station. Customers are waiting far to long for product because you have no planning in place to accurately forecast replenishment and so the customers are losing confidence – how much business are they doing with someone who does have an inventory management system in place. Focus your time on what’s really important in your life – I doubt that in your last breath on this earth you will wish you worked another day counting inventory at your warehouse.

“I would like to add how friendly the staff is at AdvancePro, and their willingness to help and return calls quickly has been a major factor in why we chose AdvancePro to begin with. We have enjoyed being able to work with such professional and kind individuals.”

– Alex Buchner, Infant Crisis Services

For under $5,000 you can get a 5 user system with APT that includes our now very popular “set up for success” program for small businesses. Do you know what that investment will net you within 12 months? 10X!!! that. I will guarantee that you will do an additional $50,000 in business when you use Advancepro Inventory management. And I’d like you to call me out on that. If you follow my 12 steps to success with Advancepro you will see a ten fold ROI from your investment. You can take that to the bank!

Are you still listening? What is that? Oh does it sound like “chaching chaching”? Oh – hey, that’s you! almost immediately after you have implemented Advancepro inventory management.

Let me help you listen. Let me help you. Call and speak to me directly about the pain. I’m here to give you the solution and make you more money. Join over 2,000 companies this year who have “Listened” to their customers with Advancepro. Manage your inventory today. Do not wait another day. I’m waiting by the phone to speak with YOU!

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