We stand behind our product!

We do not only develop ecommerce inventory software, we run our businesses with it.  With AdvancePro you get 100% accountability and a commitment to continuous innovation.


AdvancePro CEO, Israel Ellis, has been in the warehousing industry for over 20 years. Originally a user of AdvancePro, Israel took over the company in 2012 and focused the company on three main things.

Customer Service

Being there for our customers when they need us is central to the philosophy of AdvancePro. With several tiers of support, from online forums and knowledgebase to direct phone access to real live support staff, our customers have come to expect great service. From mundane “how do I?” questions to critical server down issues, our team is ready and able to help.  For more information on our support please visit our support page here [link to support page]

Innovation and Development

If a software is not growing, it’s dying. Israel realized that when taking over the company and we have invested heavily in a strong development team. Implementing feature requests from customers or developing enhancements that meet the needs of the community at large, development is central to AdvancePro’s growth. AdvancePro does develop customizations to meet specific customer’s needs, but we do so in a manner that can be used by all our users. These continuous improvements has made AdvancePro the most complete business process and integrated inventory management system in our price point.

Growth and Sustainability

Customer service and Innovation has resulted in tremendous growth in the AdvancePro user community. As we continue to engage this community we are seeing more and more happy and satisfied customers. This growth, and shift in business model to a hybrid subscription model, ensures AdvancePro will be around in the years to come to continue to support and innovate with integrated inventory management programs.