Custom Barcode and AP Label


  • How do I get a barcode on my Customer and Vendor documents for easy lookup?
  • how do I scan products when receiving or shipping?
  • How does picking locations work when I’m scanning with AdvancePro Desktop?
  • How do I create rules for barcodes that contain multiple pieces of information?
  • How does AdvancePro handle GS1 and similar barcode standards?

What happens in Vegas…. Not in this case. Is Desktop a legacy to the Cloud? I think not!

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but sorry, not in this case.   We have just come back from presenting at the Sleeters Conference in Las Vegas and the battle between desktop versus the cloud is being waged.  According to David Leary, Senior Developer Evangelist (exactly as it states on his card) of intuit who…


Inventory Management for Manufacturers

Problem: Need to track inventory used through the manufacture process.  Raw material must be tracked in the main warehouse and transferred to the production floor as needed.  Unused material should be returned to inventory.  Should work for both custom and normal stock manufactured items.  Items sometimes get put on the wrong truck, costing money to rebuild and reship.