Take your Business Intelligence to the next level with AP Intel

Business intelligence is a crucial factor in helping companies grow and become more profitable.

Today, every successful company operates with the help of professional software and collects an ever-increasing amount of data to help them make important decisions. This data helps owners and managers derive meaningful insights from this information, and allows real-time, fact-based decisions to be made to adjust sales and marketing strategies, cut waste, and enhance overall business performance.

What is AP Intel?

AP Intel is the business intelligence solution that gives you customizable real-time dashboards with all of your key data. With AP Intel, you can view your metrics and reports exactly the way you want them, using your own selection of data sources, filters and calculations. Presented with clear graphs and charts, you can easily communicate the information you need to answer pressing strategic business questions. The reports are available as a web-based dashboard that you can access anytime, anywhere.

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Who should use Business Intelligence?

Have you ever searched for a report and found that nothing delivered quite what you needed? Have you ever run into challenges when trying to integrate your data from different business software systems? Have you spent hours and days compiling a report manually but found time-consuming?

Having a vast repository of valuable data is a major competitive advantage in today’s market, provided that it’s used properly. However, if your company relies on multiple systems to track the information, it can be difficult to aggregate, and you might not be able to get the complete picture you need to make informed decisions.

How does AP Intel work?

AP Intel generates reports by working through the API interface of the AdvancePro inventory management system and other business software systems, the data integration happens seamlessly without requiring any manual work.

AP Intel integrates with almost all popular business software systems with functions like billing, CRM, customer service ticketing systems, E-Commerce and, of course, inventory management.

AP Intel integrates with:

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Every business is unique in its own way, and there is no one solution that’s perfect for everybody. We’ll work with you to select the right data source, logic and calculation process, and customise the presentation style to suit your preference.

Boost your business IQ with AP BI and experience the power of your data in action.