Setup for Success ensures that AdvancePro is fully implemented, fast


Setup for Success is the strategic advantage available to you and your team to ensure a smooth transition to a new operations management application like AdvancePro. The key to success in any effort is planning.


A proper implementation plan will save you money and time. It sets expectations and dramatically shortens the learning curve for your personnel. A good plan will focus on tasks and reduce the resistance and frustration inherent in learning new software. Planned training sessions demonstrate the functions and benefits to the people who actually have to use AdvancePro to do their jobs, thereby increasing job satisfaction and improving productivity much more quickly.


This package provides new AdvancePro users guidance on how to best apply AdvancePro to their specific business needs and a workflow management training document to ensure processes are followed. This package starts with a consultation between an AP Business Analyst and your operations team. The result of that meeting will be a detailed workflow analysis, training document and implementation plan with timelines. Tasks with the responsible party will also be created for approval.


AdvancePro Technologies Setup for Success Includes:

  • 1 hour Business Analysis Meeting
  • Workflow analysis and customized training document
  • Implementation Plan with Timeline
  • Step-by-step to do task list
  • 2 x 1.5 hr strucured web-based training sessions