Say Goodbye to Inventory Shrinkage, Oversupply, Undersupply, Mis-ships, and wasted manpower on Inventory Counting

There is no better inventory management software on the planet for medium and small businesses than AdvancePro.
How can we say that?
A lot of reasons, but before I go into them, let’s talk about what it’s costing you to NOT have proper inventory management software.
Shrinkage, overages, underages, mis-ships and once a week to once a day inventory counting — these things are all warning signs you don’t have real control over your operations. EXPENSIVE warning signs.
Added up, these problems cost most small business 8% of their shipped goods. AdvancePro will save you all of that and more.
Think about that: the right inventory management software will save 8% of your revenue and (if it’s AdvancePro) achieve ROI in 3 to 12 months.
Now, let’s get back to why AdvancePro is the best possible solution:
First of all, as the owner of the company, I feel confident in saying that because I’m not a software guy — I’m a warehouse guy who got into software to ensure my warehouse business had the kind of inventory management and ERP software it needed. Software that works the way operations people think.
So I’ve used this software as a customer before becoming an owner. Plus, before buying the company I exhaustively researched all my other options. Finally, since buying the company, I’ve made this thing work exactly the way you and every other operations person wants it to work.
The short version is that AdvancePro does what you need it to do, exactly the way you want it to. So in addition to integrating with other software you’re already running (like Quickbooks), AdvancePro also manages:
  • Incoming orders,
  • Inventory,
  • WIP, and
  • Outgoing shipments.
AdvancePro also automatically alerts you when inventory is low, shows you when unsold inventory is getting out of hand, and ensures you never have another shortage, overage, missed or mis-shipped order ever again.
The second biggest reason is support. Whatever inventory solution you end up using will become mission critical for your business. In other words, if that software doesn’t work the way you need it to, you’re in serious trouble.
So it’s essential that whoever you buy from has the kind of customer support you can count on. Not the “please submit a ticket” BS kind of support either. I’m talking about pick-up-the-phone-and-get-someone-on-the-line-who-can-help-you kind of support. You may have to wait a few minutes for the exact right tech person to get on the line, and we probably will want you to document it via a ticket, but you’ll have real-live-person-on-the-phone support when you need it.
AdvancePro offers that.
Not-Quite-Finally, AdvancePro is modular and offers customization. You can get started with what you need and have us grow with you. And if there’s a feature or reporting capability you want that we don’t offer as stock (which I highly doubt, by the way, but if there is…), then we can customize AdvancePro to do whatever you want and to fit you like a glove.
Truly: we have all the features of the Big Boy ERP-type software, at a price you can afford.
Finally-Finally, we make on-boarding as easy as possible. Obviously, if you’re data is a mess and your processes aren’t mapped out, and you’ve got some other operations craziness going on, there’s going to be some foundational work for you to do, but you’ll find that rolling out the software is actually pretty easy and smooth.
We’ve had some clients get up and running within three weeks. Our average client takes a few months.
But, hey, those few months will pass anyway, and it’ll feel like today was just yesterday, and you’ll either look back on how much better your business and your life is today, because you bought and implimented AdvancePro, or you’ll still be thinking about what the heck your going to do about getting inventory under control.
I vote for the first option. What about you?
And if you need help with that, give us a call — we’ll be happy to walk you through it.