Santa’s Moving to the Cloud!
And to celebrate he is giving an iPad Mini to every AdvancePro User that follows Santa to the cloud!

Santa has made the move.

For a busy leader like Santa real time information access anywhere around the world is essential for him and his elves. Orders start off slow around September. October things start ramping up and by the time Thanksgiving is over operations are in overdrive.

But this year things are different. This year Santa has made the jump to an AdvancePro cloud hosted inventory management system. Now, from anywhere on the planet Santa can see his manufacturing process and has total access to inventory levels so no one misses out. His orders are at his fingertips with all his customers naughty and nice notes. Santa is now mobile. He can run things from anywhere and on any device. Fast. Backed up. All in real time. Multiple users. Multiple locations.

The quality of Customer service has grown.  Margins are higher.  And Santa and the elves are really happy.

Santa is so happy with his move to the cloud that he wants to share this experience with everyone. So Santa has teamed up with AdvancePro to offer early Christmas gifts to every person that upgrades their Advancepro Inventory management system to the cloud.

Order the cloud by December 15th and every APCloud user in your company will receive a FREE iPad Mini this Christmas.


Going to the Cloud is simple and risk free! You can be on the cloud within 10 days!

  1. Sign the quote, pay and receive your FREE iPad
  2. AdvancePro team sets up your server, restores your data and trains your team
  3. Go Live!

With APT Cloud Hosted Solution:

  • No Risk
  • Enhanced Security
  • Work from anywhere
  • Eliminate IT Costs
  • Faster Support
  • Multi-site Access
  • Host QuickBooks and other Applications

Click here for more details on AdvancePro Cloud Hosting

Business Details – This offer includes:

Professional Services – AP Setup for Success
– Cover data migration, server setup, testing and training
$1,500 (additional fees apply for over 5 users)
Monthly Hosting and ACCP Fees
– Minimum 2 users.  First three months paid up front.
2 users: $250/month
+ $100/user/month up to 5 users
+ $75/user/month each user after 6
Terms and Conditions:

This offer is valid for existing local installed customers of AdvancePro. To qualify, the deal must be signed by EOB Dec 15th, 2015 and payment must be received by Dec 18th to receive your iPads by Christmas. Prices quoted covers 2-5 users, additional training and setup may be required for larger companies. Additional charges apply for third party integrated software such as UPS/FedEx and APLabel. Not valid for existing AP Cloud Users. Upgrade to AdvancePro v10 required, upgrade fees apply. This offer requires a 1 year commitment to cloud hosting at the set number of users.

Free iPad Mini for Every AdvancePro User*

IpadminiwithAPT* Fill out the form below and upgrade to the cloud by Dec 15th to qualify

I’m ready take advantage of this offer!

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