AdvancePro give small and medium sized business the power of large enterprise level resource management at a small business price point. The result is an outstanding ROI, typically within the first 6 months of use.

Inventory costs in most companies are the single largest expense.  For a company that uses $1,500,000 in capital for this rolling inventory, a savings of just 10% in inventory management expenses (typically as high as 25%*when using systems such as AdvancePro small business inventory management solutions) could increase cash flow by $150,000.


Expense ItemAmount (fill in)Client's estimated savings using AdvancePro (%)Potential SavingsAdvancePro CostEstimated Payback Period (Year)
Inventory cost$ %$
Carrying costs$ %$
Manage & maintain inventory costs$ %$
Insurance$ %$
Taxes$ %$
Materials handling$ %$
Warehouse overhead$ %$
Inventory control$ %$
Cycle counts$ %$
ACCP Cost$ %$