Today, few business run on gut feelings. Effective managers need accurate and real-time reports and intelligence in order to make the right business decisions for an organization.

AdvancePro understands this and offers many flexible reports such as:

  • Multiple reports for purchasing, warehousing, sales, shipping and tracking
  • Track the Net Movement of your inventory
  • Run Advanced Shipping reports by order statuses
  • Forecasting Report
  • Customer Sales Goals Reports
  • Sales reports by Customer, Products and Vendors
  • Inventory Valuation report by Average Cost, FIFO, LIFO
  • Multiple Picking Locations┬áreports
  • Lot/Serial Number report
  • Admin user tracking report to view detailed usage history of AdvancePro
  • Inventory Adjustment report

For more information on AdvancePro inventory management system see our full features listavailable here.

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