Release v10 AdvancePro, Refined

Click the video below to see a video of the new AdvancePro v10 demo.

The wait is over.  AdvancePro Version 10 has been carefully designed with brand new features born from discussions with our most important stakeholders, our customers. Version 10 is brings in a modern look and feel, and introduces many new features allowing you to improve your workflow and provide your customers with a better experience.  Over the coming days, we will be sending you emails highlighting some of these great new features including:

  • Brand New User Interface
  • QuickBooks Online
  • Multi-Company Reporting
  • Enhanced Re-Ordering Features
  • Enhanced Vendor and Customer SKU Management
  • Improved Serial Number Management
  • Barcoded Orders
  • Improved E-Commerce Customer Experience
  • Consumables Feature

We think you’ll love version 10, and we look forward to helping you improve your productivity, seeing greater results and finding greater opportunity.  Version 10 is AdvancePro, Refined.

Brand New User Interface

A modern touch.  Version 10 brings is about a modern contemporary design, brand new features and many new enhancements.  We think you’ll love Version 10 and all it has to offer. Version 10 is AdvancePro, Refined.

QuickBooks Online

You’ve asked, we’ve listened.  Version 10 of AdvancePro gives you the powerful inventory and order management that you need now with QBO syncing keeping your accounting up to date across all your devices.  Version 10 is AdvancePro, Refined.  QB Desktop user?  No problem.  AdvancePro now syncs with both QB Desktop and QB Online.

Multi-Company Reporting

True Visibility.  Version 10 of AdvancePro provides huge advancements for 3PL companies and those running multiple companies using AdvancePro.  The new Multi-Company Reporting feature provides you with greater visibility so that you can easily track customer orders, sales and inventory across all of your companies.

Enhanced Re-Ordering Features

Version 10 of AdvancePro features some great enhancements to the re-order alert report so that you can re-order inventory more quickly and easily with confidence.  The suggested reorder quantity now takes into account the current stock levels as well as quantities on customer and vendor orders and suggests the quantity you should re-order in order to hit your target stock level.  In addition to the re-order report enhancements, AdvancePro Version 10 allows you to use the re-order alert information to quickly and easily place vendor orders for the products and quantities that you require with just a few button clicks.

Enhanced Vendor and Customer SKU Management

SKU numbers for all.  AdvancePro Version 10 enables you to manage the same product that may go by different names and SKU numbers.  Either Internal or Customer SKU numbers can now be entered at the customer PO stage, so that sales reps can easily take customer orders using the SKU numbers they are familiar with.  Picking, packing and shipping slips can now be printed with internal SKU numbers as well as either the Vendor or Customer SKUs.

Improved Serial Number Management

Version 10 is designed with speed and precision in mind.  Version 10 has further streamlined your workflow when it comes to capturing serial numbers.  When picking an order with a barcode scanner, all you need to do is scan.  There is no longer a need to click anything on screen in order to select your serial numbers.

Barcoded Orders

Improved workflow is one of the key influencers on Version 10 of AdvancePro.  Enhancements have been made allowing you to print barcoded order or reference numbers on your ordering documentation.  This makes it easier for all staff to quickly and easily call up the correct order by simply scanning the barcode on the form.

Improved E-Commerce Customer Experience

Helping you better serve your customers is our business, so we have included a new cross-sellers and accessories feature on our shopping cart platform.    AdvancePro Version 10 allows you to display similar products as well as accessories on your product pages on AdvancePro B2B and B2C shopping carts so that your customers can learn about different product options and make better purchases that suit their needs.

Consumables Feature

We are always looking for ways to improve your workflow and beef up your paper trail.  With Version 10, you have the power to adjust inventory on the fly, whether with the desktop application or AP Mobile, and assign that adjustment to a QuickBooks class.  The inventory adjustment leaves a record so you can review all adjustments that have taken place.  This feature is great to adjust for material consumption, sampling, and damages.