AdvancePro V.924.3 is a major update, featuring many features and enhancements to best suit your needs in warehousing, shipping, and e-commerce. Download the patch and get these enhanced features!

New Features:

  1. Individual Tax ID:  Different taxes can show on invoices
  2. Enhanced Product sales report:  Enhanced report shows the sales by product within each warehouse
  3. Highlighted customer orders print notification: This feature will highlight each customer order record as it is printed in picking stage. Especially useful when dealing with large batches of orders and needing to know which records were printed and which are still outstanding
  4. Cycle Count (Major Feature Enhancement):  Inventory calculations for total inventory and inventory by picking location with comparisons for pre and post cycle counting giving you a dashboard view of recorded inventory and the Physical count
  5. AP Mobile (Major Feature Enhancement):  Picking location inventories can be viewed and full product transfer functionality
  6. Sales Report:  New sales report
  7. Set the tax rate for Shipping:  Shows the total for each tax on the invoice
  8. Drop ship:  Drop ship item toggle

Web Services: Use Web Services to earn money online and sync seamlessly with APT Inventory Management System to allow for highly automated order flows! Major enhancements to APT Web Services: B2B, B2C & Sales Rep

  1. Pretty URL’s:  Very important feature for SEO marketing
  2. Ability to add custom fields:  Major enhancement to the search capabilities
  3. 7 new template designs:  So many ways to design your site or completely customize it accordingly
  4. iCatalog: Publish your catalog with the ability to click on product and place in shopping cart direct direct from catalog
  5. Enhanced security:  Higher encryption standards to meet top level transactional security requirements
  6. Opportunity for dedicated server:  Now you can isolate your web services on a dedicated server
  7. Content Management System:  Update the content of your website internally
  8. Auto SYNC between web services and APT server:  Real-time scheduled auto sync to APT server main database keeping your information up to date as it happens

AdvancePro has made several improvements in the software:

  • Multiple delivery addresses impacting customer returns
  • Product variants custom duty error
  • Products on vendor returns being assigned $0.00 price
  • Picking locations drop-down unavailable during cycle count
  • Shipping cost changes to an adjustment cost on invoices
  • Cancelling drop ship orders
  • Error selecting lot/serial numbers during customer return
  • Vendor return picking location sets the default in the warehouse.
  • Warehouse transfer replicated SKU on orders.
  • Picking location stock updates on cycle count
  • Error during customer order that a SKU belongs to several products
  • Case sensitivity on AP Mobile
  • Product description limit on Item Kits
  • Picking location updates when completing and approving a cycle count for a picking location.
  • Description boxes for regular products characters limit
  • Microsoft Dynamics functionality export enhancement
  • Receiving a customer return and clicking “LS” to select lot/serial numbers, error
  • Multiple billing address creating customer returns
  • Removed blank space for logo on invoice
  • Resize the logo instead of current square format on every report
  • Combination of over-shipping and backorders creates reserves
  • Stuck VPO- Combination of over receiving and partially received orders
  • Quantity entered  locks value on picking location when decreasing its value picked
  • Update quantity in pack stage and items sent back to open orders creates a loop.
  • UOM Bug affecting warehouses with ID not = 0
  • Removed Lot and Serial Numbers assigned after quantity picked has been manually entered (by typing the quantity) in Picked column.
  • Able to start manual sync to web while auto-sync is in progress
  • Assembly item Quick books export issues
  • Quantity picked by manually entering, resets the serial numbers that were previously picked and disappears when LS button pressed

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