If you carry many products, keeping track of all their details, including current stock levels and location within the warehouse, can be a great challenge.

AdvancePro ecommerce inventory softwareallows you to create products and track details such as product name, SKU number, UPC number and weight.  You can also enter a product description, minimum order quantity and bulk pricing information, whether purchasing or selling in bulk quantities.  All products can be setup with a cost price, a markup percentage and a selling price.

Managing products that are sourced from multiple vendors is no problem with AdvancePro ecommerce inventory solutions since you can specify multiple vendors for the same product, along with a unique vendor SKU number, product name and pricing information.

Products that are available in multiple units of measure can be setup as well with this online inventory management software, which is useful in situations where inventory is purchased in cases but can be broken down and sold as individual units to customers.

AdvancePro allows you to create variants of products, for example a shirt available in multiple sizes and colors.  For the apparel industry, the Order Matrix module enables simplified ordering from a grid format.

When tracking of individual units is important, AdvancePro’s Lot and Serial Module allows you to track lot numbers and serial numbers for your inventory items.

With warehouse inventory management solutionsspecific picking locations and warehouse locations can be specified for each product.  PDF files and a product image can be added as well which further help to identify product information.

Customer promotions can be setup to provide discounts to specific customers or groups of customers.  You can also view backorders for a product.

For AdvancePro shopping cart users, promotion codes can be created and additional product images uploaded for viewing on your website.