productInfoThere are no limits to the number of products that can be managed by AdvancePro. Built as an inventory management system, AdvancePro offers hundreds of inventory management features such as:

  • Unlimited products allowed in database
  • Assign UPC, SKU, Vendor SKU, Customer SKUs
  • Assign vendor specific costs for products purchased from multiple vendors
  • Set volume discounts for customers or vendors
  • Assign prices in preferred currencies
  • Assign multiple units of measure per product
  • Assign Units of Measures with unique cost and selling prices
  • Set re-order alert levels for products on a warehouse level
  • Create items kits and kits within kits
  • Create variant products with unlimited variations
  • Assign images and PDFs to products
  • Assign Lot/Serial Numbers

Each product can have a PDF document and picture attached, allowing for better identification and specifications documentation. UPC, SKU, Vendor SKUs and Customer SKUs can also be assigned to each product amongst a host of other information. Re-order levels can be set for each product, so that inventory stock-outs are minimized.

Unlimited vendors can be set up to supply any product, and vendor-specific product pricing ensures well informed purchasing decisions.

Product variants can be created for products of varying size, color, etc. AdvancePro’s order matrix displays all products on the order in a matrix format, perfect for the apparel industry.

Item kits can be created, as well as kits within kits, so that every part of inventory can be organized and accounted for.

Each product can be assigned multiple units of measure (UOM), with each UOM assigned a cost and selling price. Therefore, you can buy in one UOM, and sell in another.

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