AdvancePro allows you to capture robust, detailed information about your products and provides you with quick and easy access to review your product information.


Product information in AdvancePro includes:


  • Unlimited products allowed in database
  • Assign UPC, SKU, Vendor SKU, Customer SKUs
  • Assign vendor specific costs for products purchased from multiple vendors
  • Set volume discounts for customers or vendors
  • Assign prices in preferred currencies
  • Assign multiple units of measure per product
  • Assign units of measures with unique cost and selling prices
  • Set re-order alert levels for products on a warehouse level
  • Create items kits and kits within kits
  • Create variant products with unlimited variations
  • Assign images and PDFs to products
  • Assign Lot/Serial Numbers

For more information on AdvancePro inventory management system see our full features listavailable here.

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