Managing pricing effectively is one of the most critical parts of running a successful business. Many companies have complex pricing schemes that change frequently or have markups and discounts for certain customers or products. You can adjust retail prices, manufacturer’s suggested retail prices, wholesale prices, specific customer pricing, specific customer discounts, contracted price lists and promotions and promo codes. Managing this process presents a difficult challenge, and costly pricing errors are common.
The new pricing tools in AdvancePro v11.4 make managing your pricing much simpler. Our tiered system allows users to control five different levels of pricing, which gives you the power to control pricing changes of increasing specificity with ease. V11.4 has added the ability to incorporate price lists into the global pricing interface that can be created or imported via Excel, and can be assigned to specific customers or customer groups. Additionally, users can now control contracted pricing details with set expiration dates.

AdvancePro uses a five-level hierarchy system to manage pricing. This mechanism makes managing your pricing very intuitive and ensures you know which prices apply to which customer.

The 5 levels of pricing in AdvancePro are:

  1. System base price
  2. Customer across the board price
  3. Customer per product price
  4. Price lists
  5. Promotions
Existing outside of these price levels are volume discounts which apply to the system base price only.

See the knowledge base articles below for more information.

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