Bring real intelligence to the retail side of your business!

Introducing AdvancePro-POS, a robust and feature-rich order entry system designed especially for retail, now integrated with the best inventory and order management software available for small to midsize companies!

This product combines a user-friendly Point-Of-Sale (POS) interface with the entire suite of inventory, warehouse, manufacturing and order management features available in AdvancePro. It is the right solution for companies looking to efficiently manage their retail order-entry process, in addition to providing real-time views and updates into their stores, website, warehouses and inventory. Full integration with QuickBooks makes this a truly end-to-end solution.

AdvancePro-POS enables effortless order-entry and processing. Within multiple stores, warehouses and warehouse locations, orders can be inputed through a computer, barcode scanner, or a touch-screen device. The user interface is intuitive and provides an instant view of inventory levels throughout your company. Having real time inventory information coupled with an easy-to-use system will speed up  your retail transaction time, improving customer experience and increasing sales.

Managers can get live sales feeds, track sales activity by product category or cashier, view employee time sheets and create useful reports. Multiple price level options with managers over-ride capability, increasing flexibility at the till. Mobility options allow for the picking, packing, and shipping of product with a handheld wireless device.

Whether you operate one store with a standalone POS terminal, or multiple stores with many terminals networked together, AdvancePro-POS provides the vital connection between your retail environment and your inventory management strategy.

AdvancePro-POS offers:

  • Multiple store/POS terminal capability
  • Effortless order entry and processing
  • Integration with online payment processors
  • Quick inventory lookup during order entry
  • Automatic synching with AdvancePro
  • Track sales by product category or cashier
  • Live sales feed and employee time logs
  • Integration with barcode scanners
  • Touch-screen hardware

Let AdvancePro help assist in the set up of your merchant account! Through our partners at we provide merchant accounts that work seamlessly with all our Complete POS Systems and POS Software.

We Provide:

Fast Setup
Support personnel will get you set up quickly, saving you time and money. We can get you up and running to accept all major credit cards within 48 hours. We can also offer you gateway services (verisign, etc.).

Technical Support
Unlimited in-house 24/7 customer support Help Desk for payment processing transaction issues. We take pride in our customer service and our services are there when you need them.

No Hidden Fees
FREE transaction processing configuration, testing and training. NO hidden set-up fees.

Competitive Pricing
We will meet or beat quotes from other providers.





Credit Card Processing has two parts; Authorization, and Settlement.


1. The Cardholder presents the card (or the card number, expiration date and security code) to the merchant.

2. The Merchant communicates the card data to their Merchant Account Provider. They use either a credit card terminal, a POS system communicating over the internet or, in the case of an online transaction, a payment gateway, to communicate that data.

3. The Merchant Account Provider communicates the card information to the VISA or Mastercard network. Usually this is done via an intermediary, a larger Payment Processor.

4. Mastercard or VISA asks the cardholder’s bank (or a credit-card specialist) if the funds are available. If the funds are available, the transaction is authorized and the money placed on hold in the shopper’s account (i.e. their available credit is reduced by the amount).

5. The issuing bank tells VISA or Mastercard what the result of the transaction was (either Authorized or Declined).

6. VISA / MC communicate the result back to the Merchant Account Provider.

7-8. The Merchant gets the result and exchanges goods with the shopper.

This process takes around ~2 seconds for an online transaction and about 15 seconds for a dialup transaction:




9. At the end of the day the Merchant sends the day’s “batch” of transactions to the Merchant Account Provider. If the merchant is using an Online Gateway or an IP-based terminal, the batching is probably done automatically and is never really noticed by the merchant. If using an older dialup terminal, the merchant likely must initiate the process.

10-12. The merchant account provider sends the results to Visa or Mastercard.

13. The Issuing bank adds the amount to the cardholder’s bill – the merchant no longer concerns themselves with the cardholder, unless there is a chargeback or refund, because they will get paid no matter what. Collecting from the cardholder is the issuing bank’s responsibility.

14. The Issuing bank transfers the money to the Merchant Account Provider, using an ACH (Automated Clearing House) transfer.

15. The Merchant Account Provider deposits the proceeds into the marchant’s business checking account using ACH.