The success of your business is dependent on your ability to provide your customers with the best possible experience.  AdvancePro provides you with all the order management functionality you need to be successful in one small business inventory management solution.

AdvancePro provides your sales staff with real-time stock levels so they can communicate with customers honestly and set their expectations about when they can expect delivery.  Sales staff can also save quotes that they provide to customers which can easily be converted into sales orders once the customer is ready.  The status of orders can also be easily looked up with this web based inventory management system.

Online shopping carts from AdvancePro provide you with another method of easily accepting orders from customers across the country or around the globe.  The orders are synced directly into your online inventory management software for easy approval and fulfillment.  Your online shopping cart will also help you set your customers’ expectations by reflecting your current stock levels in real-time if you desire.  Customers can login to their shopping cart accounts to view the current status of their orders with this web based inventory management software.

AdvancePro provides your purchasing department with powerful order management options as well by allowing you to import price lists from each of your vendors.  You can also generate vendor purchase orders based on customer backorders.  AdvancePro ecommerce inventory solutions also provides you with the ability to setup reorder alert levels for each product so you can be sure to always have the inventory on hand to provide your customers with excellent service.

Your warehouse staff will also greatly benefit from AdvancePro’s order management features as they can easily view which orders have sufficient inventory to pick, pack and ship off to customers.  The warehouse staffs also knows what shipments they are expecting to receive, since vendor orders are converted into receiving documents through this professional inventory software.  Your warehouse staff can then use the receiving document to ensure that they are only receiving inventory that was ordered.  If you receive a short shipment, you will immediately know about since this will be recorded at the receiving stage.

Finally, your financial department will benefit greatly with business process management solutionsby only paying for inventory actually received from your vendors.  AdvancePro will also allow you to truly understand your costs by allowing you to incorporate land costs into your received inventory.  All vendor bills and invoices generated in AdvancePro supply chain management systems sync seamlessly with QuickBooks ensuring your orders are properly accounted for, from the beginning to the end of all transactions.