Increase cash flow

Simply put, it will directly impact your company’s bottom line by helping reduce expenses, improve cash flow, and increase sales revenue.

AdvancePro focuses on two key areas of your business – inventory management and business processes. AdvancePro will help your company practice and manage just-in-time inventory management for production or distribution.  Your company will save on a reduction in dead stock, shrinkage, and inventory turns resulting in less cash wrapped up in the stock.

Inventory costs in most companies are the single largest expense item on most Income Statements. For a company that uses $1,500,000 in capital for its rolling inventory, a saving of just 10% in inventory management expenses (typically as high as 25%*) could increase cash flow by $150,000.  This money can be better deployed elsewhere than in the stock on your shelves. Great results and savings from an AdvancePro solution which could pay for itself in as little as 2 weeks!!!  We can help you quantify this and prove that your operations will perform more efficiently and effectively.

The average company will touch a transactional event up to 6 times. This means that each event such as a customer order, is being managed 6 different times leading to errors, slow down, unfilled orders, time lags, and poor customer service. With AdvancePro, you can adopt a one-point-of-entry information flow that will reduce this redundancy in your operations. In addition, you could increase order processing volumes, get faster turnaround of orders, and provide better customer service.  The increased productivity and customer service would lower your costs and increase sales revenue.  AdvancePro will be an investment in your company’s success!

AdvancePro solutions can adapt and grow with your business, which is essential in an ever-changing business environment.

We look forward to learn more about your business and help you find the best-fit solution to address your needs today …. And tomorrow.

Our Solution Consultants can provide more information and can be reached at 1-800-970-9071, Ext 1 or Email:

Israel Ellis, CEO

AdvancePro Technologies

* Source: Ted Hurlbut, The Full Cost of Inventory: Exploring Inventory Carrying Costs, Hurlbut & Associates, February 24, 2004