Israel Ellis, CEO

Just over a year ago, Links, a long-time AdvancePro user took control over AdvancePro Technologies Inc. Links, a Canadian 3rd party logistics fulfillment center, had been using AdvancePro for around a decade, and saw an opportunity to re-invent AdvancePro. “Coming from the warehousing industry, we know what organizations need to operate on an efficient technological level” said Mr. Ellis, new CEO of AdvancePro Technologies, “And as a long-time customer, I saw a way to rebuild AdvancePro from a true inventory perspective. For warehousing professionals, by warehousing professional. AdvancePro Technologies is the only company that can develop inventory software with this level of inventory experience”.

Just over a year later AdvancePro has reached some significant milestones including a new version launch, new website, and a host of new features. “It certainly has been a busy year, but now we’ve got momentum on our side, and we continue to ramp up development” says Mr. Ellis. During the past year AdvancePro has grown by a dozen modules and hundreds of features. Ever with our customers in mind, we have been actively seeking feedback on the software and will continue to develop features that will improve your organizations efficiency.

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