The AdvancePro developers have been busy. Everyone from Mr. Ellis, the new CEO of AdvancePro Technologies and chief system architect, through our sales and technical support teams have been working together to build even more features into our already rich software. Speaking and learning from our customers’ needs, we’ve developed an array of new functions and modules that will help you. In this post we highlight just two of those modules:


This is a Game Changer.   You will now have the capability to determine landed costs and bill same or third party vendors, create service items (i.e. freight, storage, duties, clearance etc.), and create VPOs for services rendered related to the transportation of the shipment directly from the module.  The cost of these services can be split many ways (such as by quantity, cost, volume, and weight), and split over many different VPOs (which is useful in cases where you’ve consolidated many orders into one shipment).

This is a profound feature that will give you the ability to determine your landed cost of any product at any stage in VPO process. The “service” items such as freight, duties etc. will be exported as Accounts Payable directly into QuickBooks.



We have introduced the cycle count functionality with the ability to set products for cycle counts filtered by different variables such as categories, location and warehouses. Using the industry standards of ‘Blind Counts’, the feature is built around a three stage process. First, a warehouse is selected and a person is assigned to oversee the count. Next, the count is started, and AdvancePro gives a printout of all SKUs in the warehouse. This printout is ‘blind’, meaning that the counter does not know how many of the given product should be in stock. This is useful because blind counts control inventory better as they result in a more honest and accurate count. The counter finishes the count and saves the results.

Once the count is completed a managerial user must confirm the results. This step of the module is no longer blind, and the manager can see the recorded inventory, as well as what was counted during the cycle count. Based on the variance, the manager can confirm the change, or order a recount. After inputing comments the manager can approve the changes, and all the inventory gets updated with the click of one button.

The cycle count feature helps with audits, inventory accuracy, and can save you a lot of time!

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