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It is all about building valued customer relationships, understanding their business, and providing  responsive client-driven service.

Recently I had a conversation with a very angry user. The CEO was extremely frustrated with how his company had been handled many years ago by the previous software vendor and now saw AdvancePro Technologies in the same light.

The last straw had been experienced in that his system was down and he as owner/CEO of the company was effectively out of business.  He was fed up.  From his perspective, rightfully so. Hostility and commitments to move to a competitive product was expressed.

I advised him that moving to another product was a more expensive option in terms of dollars, time, training, and effort and that he would not be operational for days if not weeks.  We agreed on installing an upgrade that would resolve his problems and get his company back in business.

Thirty minutes after our conversation the CEO called back claiming he did not receive my email with our verbal agreement. He was right.

I explained that it was more important to ensure the installation team could handle his critical situation and get his company back in business within a few hours.  Getting paid was very important, but a lesser priority.

The client was upgraded and installed that afternoon … within two hours of the conversation.  A service level that is unprecedented in the technology industry.

The solution specialist ensured the CEO’s issues were heard, and followed through on project management of the support team to ensure the customer received the right support with the urgency required.

Our technical support team did triage on installations in order to prioritize an out-of-business situation above less severe technical support issues.

The installation team was even able to help the client map their highly modified database to the new version of the software.

They are back in business.

AdvancePro Technologies realizes and respects many companies bet their business with our solutions.

We are here to support and grow with you to the best of our abilities.

We appreciate your business.

Thank you all.

The AdvancePro Team  1-800-970-9071

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