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View Your Inventory On-The-Go!

In today’s fast paced environment the capability for your inventory control solution to access your inventory from anywhere in your warehouse has become a very important component and tool that improve efficiencies and minimize errors in your day to day warehousing processes.

To address this requirement and demand, AdvancePro Technologies a business process solutions specialist has released “AP Mobile”; a simple and easy way to process orders from anywhere in your warehouse without having to be tied to a desk.

AP Mobile runs on virtually all internet accessible devices with a web browser. This makes AP Mobile an ideal solution for organizations that need the ability to do barcode scanning from a mobile device like any smart phone or other Bluetooth scanner.

AP Mobile puts the power of AdvancePro’s Inventory management solution in the palm of your hand!

AP Mobile dramatically increases the ease of use and accuracy of your warehouse management. Pick, Pack, Ship, and assign picking locations to move stock around your warehouse.

No need for paper tickets or manual data entry!

Scan SKU barcodes, serial numbers and bin locations to ensure you have the correct item. The scanner will also guide you around the warehouse to the next picking location to make the pick as efficient as possible.

AP Mobile benefits:

  • Reduction of time to unload, pick, pack and ship
  • Eliminate manual serial number entry
  • Reduce Shrinkage with improved controls
  • Decrease paperwork with real-time database access
  • Automate warehouse processes

AdvancePro is a very robust solution that adapts and grows with your business, which is essential in an ever-changing business environment. We look forward to learn more about your business and would be happy to provide you with the best solution. Please contact us for more information at 1-800-970-9071, Ext 1 or Email: Sales@advanceprotech.com

Paul Smith

Sales Manager

Direct 416.840.3912