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This week I spoke with Dan George – I.T. Administratorof Bestway Casters and Wheels Ltd. They are a leading supplier of industrial and institutional casters and wheels.

We had a discussion about lessons learned after almost 4 years of AdvancePro software use.

It gave me the opportunity to better understand their business, how they use the software today, its business value to their company, and how AdvancePro Technologies can support their growth.

What follows is a summary of our conversation.

How are you using AdvancePro today?

  • We use it for our sales and inventory management processes including invoicing, billing, and managing the 7-15 components in our kits.

What changes have you seen in your business as a result of using AdvancePro software?

  • We don’t run out of product as we did before, so we can avoid losing sales and improve our customer deliveries and satisfaction.
  • There is a significant time and manpower savings in managing the inventory and the counts.
  • We have also been able to do more with less staff during these uncertain economic times in order entry and other areas.
  • Finally, we have seen an increase in sales productivity given our improved inventory accuracy. We now have better control over knowing what we have in stock and can sell at any point in time.

After considering other solutions, what made you decide to stay with AdvancePro software?

  • AdvancePro is very competitively priced. In addition, the cost of switching in lost time that could be focused on our business, is high.

Would you recommend this solution, and if so, why?

  • Yes, given my deep understanding of how the software works, I could help other prospects in making their purchase decision. AdvancePro Technologies technical support has improved their responsiveness and is supporting our business needs as we need them to.

Do you see your company expanding AdvancePro usage over time?

  • As our business continues to grow, EDI and AP Mobile applications could be valuable in helping manage that growth, the expansion costs, and helping maintain if not further improve our customer service.

I would like to thank Dan for his time, candor, and permission to share his experience with all of us.

I would also like to invite other clients to call me directly and share their experiences. It is a way to help AdvancePro Technologies (APT) better serve you today … and in the future.

Prospective clients interested in learning more about how APT solutions can deliver value to your companies can call the AdvancePro Solutions Consultants or me to learn more about how APT can help.

They can be reached at: 1-800-970-9071 x 1.

I can be reached at mschlossberg@advanceprotech.com or 1-800-970-9071 x 102

Mark Schlossberg

VP Business Development

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