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Many of you are considering a first-time purchase or an upgrade to Version 9 and taking advantage of our AdvancePro Customer Care Program (ACCP).

Version 9 has a lot of rich new capabilities designed in part by working directly with several of our customers.  This has helped AdvancePro Technologies provide functional enhancements for the benefit of the broader user community.

We have listened extensively to important client input on mobile device capability.  We will soon be releasing a mobility solution that will enable pick, pack, ship, and inventory access via smartphones, tablets, and warehouse devices.  This will enable you to improve customer service and reduce costs by increasing order processing speed and accuracy while reducing shrinkage.

Purchasing ACCP will provide protection from:

  1. External changes such as new versions of QuickBooks® or Windows ®, by being eligible for free patches
  2. Down time due to technical issues via timely response from our technical team and access to the knowledge base.

In addition, it entitles you to feature enhancements as they are made available.

Performing joint discovery sessions will help better utilize AdvancePro intelligence across your critical business functions including Sales, Marketing, and multiple warehouses.

This is topped off by a for-fee service tailoring the solution to your specific business needs.

Thank you for your interest in, support of, and loyalty to AdvancePro Technologies.

We look forward to learning more about your business and would appreciate hearing from you at 1-800-970-9071.

The AdvancePro Team

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