Mobile Inventory Control

AdvancePro Mobile Solution gives you the intelligence of AdvancePro in the palm of your hand.
Manage orders, scan barcodes, receive stock and make sales from Anywhere

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Track Inventory from Receiving to Shipping

Simply scan the barcode of your SKUs or Lots and Serial numbers to eliminate errors and dramatically speed up receiving, picking and packing operations. AdvancePro Mobile Solution will streamline your picking by creating picking routes optimized to your warehouse layout.

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Transfer Stock Effortlessly

Need to move stock around your warehouse? AdvancePro Mobile Solution makes transferring stock easy. You can ensure that your inventory is tracked by scanning the location you are moving from, scanning the items you are moving, and then scanning the location you are putting them in. That’s it!

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Eliminate paper pick tickets and receiving documentation

Full detailed Pick/Pack and receiving documentation are readily available right on the AdvancePro Mobile Solution screen. Simply identify your purchase order or tap on the next order in your list that’s being picking, packing or received. It’s that easy!


Manufacturing and Assembly

In addition to helping you pick to ship, AdvancePro Mobile Solution gives you a simple and efficient process for collecting assembly items for work orders.

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Web Services

B2C Shopping Cart

Your B2C shopping cart is your online portal to the general public. All products, pricing, promotion codes, availability and more are managed using a single point of entry. Since AdvancePro is fully integrated, fulfillment of orders is easy, with all transactions syncing information into QuickBooks.

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B2B Shopping Cart

Your B2B shopping cart is your online portal for selling only to business consumers. By creating customer specific logins, you can restrict only a select group of customers to viewing inventory on your site. You can specify the product mix and pricing available to different customers or groups of customers.

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Sales Rep Web Portal

Your sales rep web portal is your online portal for your sales reps to login remotely and place orders, create new customer accounts and manage their sales and commissions. You can setup an unlimited number of sales reps and allow sales reps only to manage those accounts assigned to them.

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