manufacturingMarketingAdvancePro’s manufacturing system is a solution for manufacturers who need to build and track products from the raw material stage all the way to finished goods. Together with AdvancePro’s warehouse and inventory management structure, real-time stock level updates are available throughout the product-building process.

Effectively control your Manufacturing Process:

  • View and track your Bill Of Materials
  • Create Item Assemblies using Work Orders
  • Create Work Orders from Customer Orders for customized item assemblies
  • Create item assemblies with variable and optional items for customized end products
  • Create Vendor Orders for Item Assemblies
  • Track component stock and place Vendor Orders for components out of stock
  • Admin controlled Work Order allocation
  • Automated Work Orders with system filters
  • Run detailed reports for Material Requirements Planning, Work Order Management and Cost Tracking

In AdvancePro, work orders list the Bill of Materials (BOM) required to build the product or assembly item, in addition to any overhead or labor costs assigned to the job. Re-order alerts indicate if a component of the assembly item is currently out of stock. If so, vendor orders can be placed from within the work order, and tracked per assembly item simply by clicking on the item history. Work orders can be tracked by stage of completion (open, processed, partially processed or finalized), reference #, order #, SKU # and also by warehouse.

Assembly items can be created in a build-to-inventory or build-to-order environment, depending on whether the reason to build is to replenish inventory or to fulfill a customer order. Assembly items can be assigned lot/serial numbers, and have multiple vendors. Markups and discounts can be applied to completed assembly items to arrive at a selling price, just like with any other product in inventory.

AdvancePro manages disassembly work orders as well; disassembly components can be returned to inventory or discarded.

AdvancePro offers complete inventory tracking of component stock and finished goods for today’s manufacturers.

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