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Location: Brea, CA | Industry: Food Sales & Distribution | Customer Since: January 2014

What They Needed:

  • 3 User AdvancePro License
  • Lot & Serial #
  • Landed Cost

About Lou Misterly

Established in 1972, Lou Misterly Food Sales provides purchasing and warehousing of both private label and national branded packaged foods and snacks to provide their customers steady selling foods for their retail stores. Many of their chain store customers include Former Hostess Bakery Outlets Western US, Love’s Bakery Hawaii, Bimbo, Franz Family Bakery Outlet, Big Lots, and a number of distributors and retail grocery chain stores.


“We strive to deliver our popular quality food products to each of our chain store customers. As a respected food supplier, we take every relationship serious and do everything possible to meet our customers’ needs and demand. Our fill rate exceeds 98% which means that our customers receive almost all of the product that they order.”

AdvancePro Technologies

The Business Challenge

Lou Misterly was using an unsupported legacy software to manage their entire business process, from purchasing all the way through to invoicing. They could not rely on the information produced by their system and had no way of receiving support to address those issues.

Lou Misterly required a new system to manage their entire business operations including date code tracking, as a food industry requirement. They also required capabilities for tracking of landed costs, display the total weight of product ordered on sales orders and invoices, besides needing real-time reports to make quick, informed business decisions. Strong pricing tools were needed as well, in order to create special pricing rules and time limited promotions for different customers.

Using unsupported legacy software put Lou Misterly Foods at risk. They needed a supported system that could handle modern lot # tracking as well as date code tracking. After vetting a number of options, Lou Misterly chose AdvancePro, as it fulfilled all the business requirements successfully.

“AdvancePro has everything you would need to operate efficiently with added details that only make the process that much easier. The switch to AdvancePro was seamless. The amount of instructional videos seems infinite and the customer service is unbeatable. I’m extremely satisfied with every aspect and recommend it, without hesitation, to anyone looking to simplify their business operations without losing the details.”

– Cori Woloshun,
Purchasing Manager Lou Misterly Food Sales, Inc.

The AdvancePro Solution

Lou Misterly moved away from their legacy system, and adopted AdvancePro in conjunction with QuickBooks as their end-to-end solution. AdvancePro’s end-to-end workflow enabled greater communication between the front office and the warehouse, which resulted in improved order fulfillment leading to greater customer satisfaction. Costing information improved as a result of the Freight module which allowed the calculation of landed freight costs on vendor bills. The lot number module in AdvancePro allowed Lou Misterly to track the date codes of products.

Providing customers with better information was another priority for Lou Misterly, so they strongly benefitted from AdvancePro’s printing of combined weight of items on invoices and customer POs. AdvancePro was able to provide the reports that Lou Misterly required by creating custom reports according to their requirements.

Finally, AdvancePro provided the pricing and promotional tools that Lou Misterly needed in order to personalize their offering to each of their unique customers’ needs. All of these features were implemented by the AdvancePro team to ensure a smooth and comfortable transition for Lou Misterly moving to their new system.

AdvancePro Technologies


Since moving to AdvancePro, Lou Misterly has streamlined their purchasing, receiving and fulfillment systems. The on-boarding process was seamless and the program has proven to be intuitive and easy to learn. Reports are now accurate and the real-time information allows Lou Misterly to provide a better service to their customers.

“AdvancePro is such an easy program to use. We rely on it to manage our entire business, including purchasing, inventory, sales, order fulfillment and invoicing. The reporting is great and we know we can rely on our system to provide us with real-time, correct information. It is a huge plus for us that AdvancePro integrates with QuickBooks, providing us with a total end-to-end solution that we rely on daily to operate our business.”

– Shelly Henderson,
Controller, Lou Misterly Food Sales Inc.

Key Benefits

  • Lot Number Tracking
  • Date Code Tracking
  • Streamlined Fulfillment
  • Accurate Reporting
  • Landed Costs
  • Improved Customer Experience
  • Pricing and Promotional tools

AdvancePro knows that each business is unique, with special challenges and needs. AdvancePro owners have been in the warehousing industry for over 20 years. Our team of business process experts work with you to fully understand your specific workflow and help you identify and remove bottlenecks. AdvancePro gives you the systems and tools to grow your business.

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