Serial numbers and lot numbers are crucial in certain industries where tracking is important for recall or warranty purposes.  In case of a recall, you need to be able to figure out who has received the affected products so that you can be sure to send out a recall notice.  For warranty purposes, you need the ability to ensure that the affected product is actually the same product that you sold.


AdvancePro provides you with the following Lot and Serial Number features:


  • Assign lot/serial numbers to products upon receiving
  • Create lot and serial numbers for products you manufacture
  • Track manufactured dates and expiry dates
  • Track which components were used in your assembly items
  • Keep records of the exact lot/serial numbers that you ship out to your customers
  • Receive lot/serial numbers back into your system when processing returns
  • Track an unlimited amount of Lot/Serial Numbers

For more information on AdvancePro inventory management system see our full features list available here.


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