• Showers Pass

      Waterproof Cycling Apparel

      “AdvancePro has done a remarkable job of putting the right technical resources in place. It’s been a pleasure to do business with them. They have been remarkably responsive in delivering the tools we need to move our business forward.”

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  • CanPrev Natural Health Products Ltd.


    “AdvancePro was a personalized, friendly experience from the beginning. We used their implementation services as well, which was incredibly helpful. It gave us access to a dedicated team that worked closely with us to make sure we ended up with a solution that met our needs.”

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  • Bestway Casters & Wheels

    Distribution and Manufacturing

    It’s helped with customer service. It’s been very worthwhile, we find it’s working very well.

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  • Bigston Shoes

    Manufacturing and Distribution

    APT is more than just an inventory management software. “We also will rely on APT to build a sense of structure and allow our company to grow.”

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  • Lou Misterly Food Sales Inc.

    Food Sales & Distribution

    “AdvancePro has everything you would need to operate efficiently with added details that only make the process that much easier. The switch to AdvancePro was seamless. The amount of instructional videos seems infinite and the customer service is unbeatable. I’m extremely satisfied with every aspect and recommend it, without hesitation, to anyone looking to simplify their business operations without losing the details.”

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  • BELFOR Property Restoration

    Insurance Restoration, Internal Purchasing & Distribution, 3PA

    “Since Implementing AdvancePro, our internal purchasing system has grown dramatically. AdvancePro has been the vehicle for that expansion.”

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  • Infant Crisis Services

    Non-Profit, Logistics, Donation Tracking

    “For us, the biggest difference has been time and information. It took a while for our staff to get used to scanning items out and our volunteers to learn the importance of scanning items out, but overall it has been worth it. It has saved us time at the end of the month inventory, as well has provided us with specific information for us to use as we serve our clients on a day-to-day basis.”

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