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Location: Oklahoma City, OK | Industry: Non-Profit | Customer Since: Apr 2014

What They Needed:

  • 4 User AdvancePro Professional License
  • Bar Coding Module

About Infant Crisis Services

Infant Crisis Services serves more than 1,200 babies and toddlers in central Oklahoma each month. They rely on volunteers and staff to collect donations, make purchases, raise funds and distribute necessities to babies and toddlers in need.

The Business Challenge

Infant Crisis Services makes purchases and receives donations from many sources. Volunteers and staff then put together kits that are delivered to babies and toddlers in need. Inventory information was unreliable until end of month inventory counts were done. A new system that could be learned easily by volunteers and that could keep track of real-time information was needed to better serve those who rely on Infant Crisis Services.

“I would like to add how friendly the staff is at AdvancePro, and their willingness to help and return calls quickly has been a major factor in why we chose AdvancePro to begin with. We have enjoyed being able to work with such professional and kind individuals.”

– Alex Buchner,
Facilities Coordinator, Infant Crisis Services

What Infant Crisis Services did Before AdvancePro

Diapers, food, and formula were counted manually and tracked on spreadsheets. Time consuming inventory counts were conducted at the end of every month.

The AdvancePro Solution

AdvancePro provided Infant Crisis Services with a total end-to-end solution that is used daily for critical tasks including vendor order management, donation tracking, kitting of packages and bar code scanning of products that are delivered to clients. Infant Crisis Services also benefits from the real-time reports in AdvancePro that they generate at the end of every month to guide their decision making.

AdvancePro Technologies


The system that AdvancePro has implemented for Infant Crisis Services provides significant time savings and rich real-time information, allowing for an increased focus on providing life sustaining products to those who need them most.

“For us, the biggest difference has been time and information. It took a while for our staff to get used to scanning items out and our volunteers to learn the importance of scanning items out, but overall it has been worth it. It has saved us time at the end of the month inventory, as well has provided us with specific information for us to use as we serve our clients on a day-to-day basis.”

– Alex Buchner,
Facilities Coordinator, Infant Crisis Services

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