So what exactly is Host Gator and why do you need it? Simply put, it’s a Web hosting company that provides Web hosting services.

So I already know the question that’s on your mind: “Um… what the heck is Web hosting?”


Let’s start at the very beginning.

Lesson 1: Web hosting is a service.

Picture this. You just arrived in the United States and you need a place to stay. You can’t yet afford your own place, so your only option is to rent.

Whom would you seek this ‘service’ from? A landlord.

Lesson 2: Hosting agencies provide this service.

So you meet up with several landlords, including both residential landlords and apartment complex owners. After checking out their various plans, you choose an apartment at the Trestles complex.

The next day, you meet with the complex manager and sign a lease.

Lesson 3: A hosting plan defines these services.

So the lease you sign that specifies you may remain in the residence for a period of 1 year. During this time, you must pay a monthly rate of $500.00. Or you may pay everything upfront.

In addition, you are responsible for maintaining the apartment and keeping it clean.


So in the world of Web hosting, a hosting agency or supplier functions as the landlord. But instead of renting apartments or rooms at a house, you lease server space.

Furthermore, you can sign shorter or longer contracts ranging from month-to-month up to 3 years, though longer contracts are typically better because you get discounted rates.

Here’s some additional information:

  • Domain Name: The domain name is the actual address of your site. For instance, is my domain name, and I pay $15.00 a year for it.
  • Hosting Fee: This is the price you pay per month to ‘host’ your site on the provider’s server. For this service, I pay a bit under $5.00 every month.
  • Server: This is the computer system that holds your website. Providers like HostGator have thousands of these computers.

Final Thoughts

So let’s recap what we’ve learned thus far:

  • Web hosting is a service that permits you to put a website on the Internet.
  • Hosting companies provide this service by buying servers and renting space on them.
  • You have to sign a contract or lease with a hosting provider to get your website online.

So where does HG fit into this? It is, in my opinion, one of the best hosting companies in the industry. I believe so strongly in the HG brand, in fact, that I wrote this comprehensive HostGator Review and, of course, developed this website.