Executive Summary

Drop Shipping allows you to purchase the items from a third-party supplier or manufacturer, who then packages and fulfills your customer orders without you taking delivery. This case study illustrates the power of AdvancePro in managing multiple drop shipping orders via the Batch Drop Shipping feature

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A wholesale Florist company receives a large number of customer orders and needed to ship those orders to local customers from vendors around the world. The firm has to prioritize next day delivery of all those orders and manage a dynamic supply chain with constant changes in stock. The most important aspect is the correct tracking of orders to ensure proper deliveries.

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The Solution

Advancepro’s Batch Drop Shipping Feature

  • This year AdvancePro added a new feature Batch Drop Shipping, which has the ability to simultaneously manage inventory, shipping and delivery to the end user.
  • The company receives orders for flowers through either the web, emails, or CRM and the orders are displayed on a single screen by the APT inventory CPO, ensuring faster processing of all orders.
  • AdvancePro helps the wholesale florist company in selecting the correct vendor, based on the availability of stock, order fulfillment capacity and optimizing delivery time.
  • Thus, the company is able to achieve its business objectives and optimize the complicated process of managing multiple orders, from various vendors to end customers around the globe with a few clicks.

Benefits of Batch Drop Shipping

  • Huge savings when it comes to labor and holding costs
  • Orders are fulfilled and ready to ship to the door of your customers without actually stocking additional inventory and reducing risk (of inventory).
  • AdvancePro ensures that the order tracking information is automatically updated and is integrated easily with CRM soŌware such as QuickBooks, Salesforce, ShipStation etc.
  • Ensures lean operations with greater focus on front-end delivery
  • Multiple filtering options by SKU, vendor, proximity to delivery location etc.

drop shipping

Dropship work flow

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