EDI is a standard interface for sending and receiving bills of lading, invoices and other formatted documents electronically.  Traditionally EDI software has been an expensive, labor intensive exercise. AdvancePro’s EDI module provides you with an EDI system that allows you to connect with trading partners demanding EDI integration, without the need to leave AdvancePro or work with hard to read EDI documents.

Many of today’s leading corporation’s demand that their trading partners have the ability to reliably exchange EDI documents when sending invoices and receiving orders. They are under pressure to reduce their procurement process costs by automating manual processes. AdvancePro’s EDI module will help you operate like a large corporation by automating data entry and reducing duplication and errors.

AdvancePro and HighJump True Commerce EDI have developed a module that allows AdvancePro users to effortlessly import and export EDI files to and from their AdvancePro system. It works as follows: AdvancePro customers use True Commerce as their EDI solutions and translation provider. The True Commerce’s customer portal is set up to automatically export raw EDI files to a specified folder. Those files are imported to AdvancePro with the click of a button. Orders from your trading partner then get processed like all other orders, until the Advanced Shipping Notice (ASN) and Invoicing stages, where AdvancePro will export raw EDI documents right into the True Commerce portal and send them to the trading partner.

The EDI solution offered by AdvancePro:

  • Converts EDI Purchase Orders into Customer Orders and automatically enters them into AdvancePro
  • Converts internal customer invoices into EDI Invoices
  • Converts EDI Ship To Addresses into your internal AdvancePro Ship To File
  • Import and Export features for quick synchronization of EDI data with your AdvancePro system
  • Form-based entry of EDI documents
  • Place EDI documents on “HOLD” between transmission stages
  • UPC Code verifier
  • No complex mapping of data required. All Trading partners are sold in complete kits ready to go
  • Full error checking of documents with management reports
  • Provides a simple user-friendly environment
  • Support for all X12, UCS, ANSI and VICS standards
  • Support for the following EDI Document formats:
  • 810 Invoice
  • 850 Purchase Order
  • 856 Ship Notice/Manifest
  • 855 Purchase Order Acknowledgement
  • 997 Functional Acknowledgement
  • 875 = UCS purchase order
  • 880 = UCS invoice

For more information on AdvancePro inventory management system see our full features listavailable here.

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