Keeping track of specially negotiated customer prices can be very challenging without the right order management solutions in place. AdvancePro provides you with robust pricing tools to keep track of discounts and ensure that your customers are happy.

AdvancePro order management software allows you to create a base selling price for all of your products, but you may have negotiated different pricing with some of your customers.  This is not a problem in AdvancePro as a fixed markup or discount on all products can be setup for specific customers.

Going one step further, special customer pricing exceptions and promotions can be created for selected customers or groups of customers on specific products.

AdvancePro order management systems also allow you to setup volume discounts so your customers can take advantage of price breaks when ordering in larger quantities.

Global promotions in AdvancePro allow you to create pricing changes or time-limited promotion codes for specific categories of products in your system.  You can also specify special pricing for specific groups of customers on specific categories of products within your inventory management systems.