Customers can come in all shapes and sizes, whether you sell to the general public or to other businesses, you need to ensure that you are providing the best customer experience possible with order management solutions.

AdvancePro allows you to input your customer’s details which can be called up at any time.  AdvancePro inventory management tools allows you to capture your customers’ account number, contact details as well as multiple billing and shipping addresses.  If you work with out-of-country customers, you can specify your customer’s preferred currency.  You can also create and apply additional pricing rules and payment methods.  AdvancePro inventory management software provides you with details about products reserved for customer orders and backordered items.  Sales goals and notes can be created on a per customer basis as well.

AdvancePro supply chain management solutions helps you excel in customer relationships by providing your account managers with the ability to quickly check on the status of any orders to communicate expected delivery dates and other order status information.  You can also call up an individual customer’s purchase history which allows your sales staff to find upselling or cross-selling opportunities.

If you sell to different categories of customers, you will benefit from AdvancePro’s customer groups features which allows you to group your customers together and create special pricing rules or promotions for those groups.

When selling online with AdvancePro shopping carts, you can specify which products are available to which customers and have the specialized pricing appear for your specified customers.

Customers and customer price lists can easily be imported from an Excel or csv file to the online inventory management system.