Problem: Employees load trucks with inventory they may or may not need on the job/customer site.  If they use something they take a note of it (or not).  When they need something not on the truck they have to waste time either going back to our warehouse (losing time) or worse go to a local store and buy it (losing time and money).  Tracking of inventory is not always accurate reducing the ability to bill the customer correctly for material used and limits our ability to accurately calculate job costs.


Goal: Accurately track all stock at the main warehouse and on each delivery truck.  Real-time stock levels on each truck so trucks can be “re-stocked” appropriately before it leaves the warehouse, thus reducing the need to “go buy stock” during the installation process.  Track material as it is consumed on each truck throughout the day using a scanning system that adds product to the job so there is accurate job cost information.


AdvancePro Solution: AdvancePro offers a cloud-hosted inventory management system that interfaces with mobile devices (tablets, laptops or mobile scanners) to give drivers the ability to enter product usage real-time.  This gives us real-time inventory levels in each truck and in the main warehouse so you know what to put on the trucks each morning.  In addition, this knowledge helps us know what product to order and when, reducing over-ordering and virtually eliminating running out of stock.  Drivers are also more productive as they no longer have to “eye” or count inventory in their trucks prior to restocking.

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