Problem: Need to track inventory used through the manufacture process.  Raw material must be tracked in the main warehouse and transferred to the production floor as needed.  Unused material should be returned to inventory.  Should work for both custom and normal stock manufactured items.  Items sometimes get put on the wrong truck, costing money to rebuild and reship.


Goal:  Seamless system to track all inventory, both raw material and finished goods, through receiving, storing and production.  Paperless solution using bar code scanning to improve efficiency and accuracy.

AdvancePro Solution:  AdvancePro tracks all goods from receiving to storage and through the production line.  It also enables users to scan items on to a truck for delivery so you know precisely what items went on each truck. In addition, the “at-production-time” import of a Bill of Materials means job based costing is now possible and serial numbers applied to finished goods enables complete tracking of product.  Adding optional job site scanning of product off the truck completes the delivery cycle.


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