customerManagementCustomers are the heart of any business. AdvancePro understands this, and has developed customer management tools to help foster better business relationships. AdvancePro allows you to:

  • Automatically or manually assign account numbers
  • Add unlimited billing and shipping addresses
  • Store EDI compliant Store ID and Warehouse ID information
  • Add customer level pricing exceptions
  • Set sales goals per customer
  • Set customer reminders and alerts
  • View detailed customer history and logs

There are no limitations to the number of customers that can be entered into AdvancePro, or on the number of shipping and billing addresses assigned to each customer. AdvancePro stores and manages detailed customer information such as chosen currency, payment terms, and applicable taxes.

AdvancePro’s customer order management capabilities can reserve product for specific customers, set minimum order values and issue and process RMAs.

AdvancePro also manages the sales process through assigning Sales Reps, calculating commissions, and setting and tracking sales goals on a per customer basis. Quotes can be prepared and emailed directly from AdvancePro, and customer-level pricing strategies applied to them as well.

AdvancePro’s intuitive user interface and powerful database technology helps make customer management an easier and more efficient process.Automatically assign account numbers

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