AdvancePro is pleased to announce the release of v928.3. AdvancePro is committed to constant improvements to our software.  ACCP members enjoy periodic software updates with new features, enhancements and bug fixes.  
This is a critical update and it is recommended that every
user of AdvancePro apply this upgrade.  
AdvancePro Technologies
Some of the improvements are made in:
  • Easily expense products or consumables without going through a PO process
  • Print barcodes on purchase orders sales orders  and receiving documents to quickly pull up the PO.
  • Additional expected inventory reporting
  • Picking Locations functionality improved
  • Serial Numbers
  • Variants and UOMs
  • Customer Pricing 
  • Over 55 bugs have been fixed

See all the new enhancements and improvements here
Complete Release Notes

Simply fill out the form on the right and you will be redirected to the download page.  The download link will also be emailed to your address.  If you have any issues or questions about this upgrade, please reach out to us at support@advanceprotech.com.

Fill out this form to request your AdvancePro upgrade.  You will be emailed the download link. 

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