AdvancePro simplifies operational processes such as; buying, selling, warehousing, & shipping, in order to make them more efficient and effective.

AdvancePro facilitates administrative and operational functions like; warehouse & inventory control, customer order management, and vendor order management. It helps streamline the warehouse environment by automating shipping and receiving tasks.

Customer Relationship Management
Account numbers Create custom fields by customer
Create task reminders Customer account notes
Customer level pricing exceptions Customer specific invoice notes
Customer specific markup/discount Customer specific product mix on B2B and Sales Reps Portal
Default shipping warehouse & carrier Invoice history
Multiple billing and shipping addresses PCI compliant customer payment information
Preferred currency Preferred payment method
Reserve products Set customer reminders
Set sales goals per customer Set up terms and tax
Specify customer order minimum Specify QuickBooks A/R account and default class per customer
Track sales by project View customer back-orders & ETA
View detailed customer history View quotes and order info
Sales Rep Access Management View outstanding customer balances from QuickBooks in AdvancePro
Credit Limit for a Customer  
Accounting and QuickBooks Integration
Automated sync to QuickBooks Check credit limit from QuickBooks
Detailed export report to QuickBooks Export invoices, bills, credit memos and more to QuickBooks
Export to chart of accounts by category of products Export to classes in QuickBooks
Import customers, vendors, products, assemblies and more from QuickBooks QuickBooks Desktop integration
QuickBooks Online integration Receive payment status from QuickBooks
Receive payments against sales orders and invoices and sync to QuickBooks Reckon integration (Australia)
Run sales reports by customer, product and vendor Support multiple versions of QuickBooks
Product Sub-items import Batch Invoicing and Billing
Manufacturing (Not included with APT Standard)
Component inventory visibility Cost-plus pricing
Create and edit bills of materials Disassembly orders
Make to order (MTO) Make to stock (MTS)
Multi-level bills of materials Process work orders through workstations
Re-order alert levels Serial number tracking
Track component stock Variable bills of materials
Vendor orders for out of stock components Work order prioritization
Work orders for out of stock components Batch Only Manufacturing
Quick Manufacturing: Instant Build  

Premium Modules Feature List

Web Services/E-commerce
B2B site for customer specific pricing and product mix B2C site for sales to the general public
Sales rep portal for sales reps to sell to clients Email order notifications
Promotions and discount codes Unlimited product listings
Automated sync with AdvancePro Online payment processing
Restrict orders for out of stock items View order history and status
Manage pricing, images, descriptions and more from a single database Sales Reps can edit online pricing
No data restrictions View inventory levels online
Display cross-sellers and accessories on product pages Fraud Detection feature for Shopify Integration

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