Client: Coffee Serv Inc.
Client Description: Internet Coffee Store & Distribution Center

Company Profile:

Since 1975 CoffeeServ Inc. of Philadelphia has established the reputation of being the preeminent office and restaurant coffee provider in the Greater Delaware Valley. Founded as a family business by Jack and Lynn Kirshner, Coffeeserv Inc. has grown to become the largest Office Coffee Service provider in Philadelphia. They carry various leading brands that includes Millstone, Starbucks, Green Mountain, Barrie House, just to name a few.

The Challenge:

For years, Coffeeserv struggled to manage the companies inventory of more than 3,000 items using a patchwork of manual efforts and inefficient spreadsheets. ” We had more business than we could handle but our logistics and warehousing were becoming a nightmare” says Ben Kirshner.

This is when AdvancePro Tech was contacted to see if they could help. AdvancePro Tech spent a full day up at the headquarters of Coffeeserv in Philadelphia studying their systems and to learn how their daily processes could be improved. After a thorough investigation and understanding of their systems, it became obvious very quickly that AdvancePro Enterprise was what they needed.

Coffeeserv requested additional reports which AdvancePro customized for them. Additionally, they implemented both a B2C and B2B website that allowed both new and existing customers to order directly from the internet via an online shopping cart that syncs seamlessly with AdvancePro. All orders placed on the internet interface directly with AdvancePro software utilizing our .NET web services. Aside from just placing orders, customers can also maintain and monitor all their orders and account details. “This in turn led to a greater understanding and relationship between us and our customers” says Ben Kirshner

“In the past, I sometimes spent as much as $10,000 in replacing lost or stolen inventory. Now, I know where everything is in real time and can monitor the complete movement of my stock” Ben Kirshner adds.