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AP Mobile Walkthrough


AP Mobile is AdvancePro’s powerful mobile app that gives you the power to control your inventory from any android-enabled device. This walkthrough will help you answer the following questions:

  • How can I use AP Mobile to ship and receive orders?
  • How can I use AP Mobile to Transfer items between warehouses and pick locations?
  • How can I use AP Mobile to look up my stock levels?
  • How can I use AP Mobile to make stock adjustments?

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Custom Barcode and AP Label


  • How do I get a barcode on my Customer and Vendor documents for easy lookup?
  • how do I scan products when receiving or shipping?
  • How does picking locations work when I’m scanning with AdvancePro Desktop?
  • How do I create rules for barcodes that contain multiple pieces of information?
  • How does AdvancePro handle GS1 and similar barcode standards?