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Location: Toronto, ON | Industry: Healthcare | Customer Since: March 2016

What They Needed:

  • 6-User AdvancePro Cloud-Hosted Service
  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

About Canprev Natural Health Products Ltd.

Founded in 2005 by Tanya Salituro, a cancer survivor and busy mother of four, the company distributes its all-natural CanPrev and Orange Naturals product lines throughout Canada in health food and select retail stores, and natural healthcare practitioners.

The Business Challenge

From its founding, CanPrev used Quickbooks to manage their finances and their inventory. But with the company’s rapid growth, they quickly outgrew the capabilities of Quickbooks Advanced Inventory, and required a more integrated and automated inventory management solution. They needed a system that would ensure that the correct products were always picked, even when they had very similar names. They also needed to easily track which product batches were shipped to which customers, in case a product recall was ever required, and they needed to be able to track inventory movement, reordering requirements, and manage product manufacturing and expiry dates. AdvancePro fulfilled all of these requirements with the added benefit of being integrated with QuickBooks for the management of the company’s finances, and so Canprev didn’t have to invest in a complex technology infrastructure and additional support staff.

“In speaking with AdvancePro, we found them to be very responsive to our needs, as they took the time to understand our business, our existing systems, and what we needed for this next phase of our rapid growth. We quickly determined that this was a company and a solution that would easily meet our needs.”

– Heather Percy,
Director of Finance and Administration CanPrev Natural Health Products LTD.

The AdvancePro Solution

CanPrev found AdvancePro through the Quickbooks Marketplace while looking through the suggested and approved partners, and they spoke to a number of companies before deciding on AdvancePro. As Heather Percy, CanPrev’s Director of Finance and Administration, noted, AdvancePro was exceptionally helpful in working to understand the fit for the solution they were seeking. The other companies did not address the business’s unique needs like AdvancePro had.

CanPrev uses AdvancePro to control the entire purchasing, order processing, inventory management and shipping process. Orders are automatically imported from the company’s customer management system and passed to the warehouse for picking, packing and shipping. Accuracy is ensured by scanning the UPC of every item in every order, which significantly reduces costly errors. AdvancePro also automatically assigns the active batch code, and prevents outdated batches from being shipped.

CanPrev also benefits from using AdvancePro’s cloud-hosted solution. Not only does this allow them to access both their QuickBooks accounting system and AdvancePro from anywhere, it means they don’t need to invest in an IT infrastructure for these critical solutions. AdvancePro maintains the servers, the disaster recovery protection, and the software upgrades.

AdvancePro Technologies


“Using AdvancePro has helped our sales double and the number of SKUs to increase without needing to add staff, and while reducing costs related to errors in orders. Our partnership with the AdvancePro team is an important part of using this business solution. Our product suggestions are always carefully considered, and, if being implemented, they are very clear with us as to the expected time frame. Support issues are handled promptly, and together we continue to enhance our use of, and benefit from, the AdvancePro solution.”

“AdvancePro was a personalized, friendly experience from the beginning. We used their implementation services as well, which was incredibly helpful. It gave us access to a dedicated team that worked closely with us to make sure we ended up with a solution that met our needs”

AdvancePro knows that each business is unique, with special challenges and needs. AdvancePro owners have been in the warehousing industry for over 20 years. Our team of business process experts work with you to fully understand your specific workflow and help you identify and remove bottlenecks. AdvancePro gives you the systems and tools to grow your business.

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