advantages of a mobile sales order

If your company’s been thinking about moving to a mobile sales order solution from manual sales processing, an old saying might stop you from making the leap.

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

After all, the old system’s been in place for years, maybe even decades. Everyone knows it, and it works.

But take a look at the following advantages of a mobile sales order system. If your manual system does not offer you one of more of them, then maybe “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” doesn’t apply. And maybe your manual system is just obsolete.

Advantages of Mobile Sales Order Solution

1. Close a Sale on the Spot

If there is one advantage of a mobile sales ordering system that stands above the rest, it is the speed at which you can close a sale.

Manual sales ordering forces your sales team to process paperwork to enter an order, wait for the order to be processed internally, manage any discrepancies between the order and what’s in the warehouse, wait for fulfillment and shipping details, and; well, you get the idea.

With a mobile sales solution, your sales team can process the sale, accept payment and even ship orders on-the-spot in a matter of minutes.

2. Less Risk of Costly Errors

Every step in a manual process is an invitation to costly mistakes. Without real-time inventory information, the complete fulfillment of manual orders is at risk. Manually entering multiple SKUs, units of measurement, warehouse locations, even shipping addresses all carry a high risk of mistakes that can add to your overall cost of sales and delays in completing and shipping an order.

3. Higher Customer Satisfaction

Imagine you are at the big annual industry convention. The one in Las Vegas. A client you’ve been trying to land for months will be there and is ready to buy. But your competition is there too. The client visits your booth, discusses details of the order and asks about when it will be shipped. Using only your manual system, the best answer you can give is “two to three weeks”. But your competition, equipped with a fully-connected mobile sales system, tells the customer their shipment will be processed immediately on placement of the order and gives them a specific delivery date.

Who do you think will get the order?

Even existing customers might realize that the regular backorders that must be placed and processed because of your manual system can be avoided if they use a supplier with a connected, mobile system.

4. More Time to Sell

Your sales team shouldn’t be burdened by paperwork. Every moment spent processing orders means less time for taking orders. And it’s easier to confidently close a sale with up-to-date inventory pricing and stock levels, and high-definition images, and helpful product descriptions that you can show prospects from any mobile device.

5. Works for More than Sales

This is where your customer service can really shine. In addition to connecting your sales team to current product information, service technicians can have the same access. On-site service workers who need an extra part, or delivery people who are asked to take an order can make them all happen on the spot.

6. Lower Administration Costs

Without the need to manually process submitted sales orders, pick and pack lists, shipping information, invoices, etc., a mobile sales solution is not only faster, it is less costly too.

To learn more about how you can unleash your sales with a connected, mobile sales order solution, contact AdvancePro today.


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