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Inventory management is a ubiquitous term and common parlance in today’s business world. It would be grossly inadequate to label it as an automated system to reduce manual inaccuracies, whilst keeping track of stock turnover and managing running inventory. The USP of a great inventory management system is the company-wide facilitation of all-round efficiency. 

It is very important to thoroughly analyze the most common clients’ needs before implementing a new system, and then adjusting the design to perform the task in a highly efficient manner. As it has been aptly said “Well-begun is half-done”, the secret to a great inventory management system lies in a great beginning.

Here are some the important business benefits of adopting AdvancePro – the complete inventory management solution:


1. Prioritizing the clients’ needs

With a deep understanding of industry, our platform allows you to customize the software to your specific business and workflow requirements from the warehouse floor to the customer interaction. An experienced and highly capable team with countless years of in-depth industry knowledge provides more than just software support and additionally, offers advice on workflow process, technology, and hardware.


2. Omnicommerce payment solution

Our mobile enabled system offers a smart Point-of-Sale (PoS) system which enables you to control your inventory starting with the point-of-sale. The integration with Quickbooks and AdvancePro and the intelligence of POYNT powers an all-in-one payment solution, providing ease of transaction and business management.

You can process payments for an order and get real-time inventory updates as it syncs automatically, updates your inventory and removes quantities available on e-commerce platforms such as Shopify, Amazon, and WooCommerce.


3.Easy Integration for QuickBooks and Shopify

Disconnected technologies require multiple entries of data, leading to wastage of time and increased redundancies. AdvancePro is a single point of data entry that syncs with all of your applications, ensuring real-time data updation and accuracy.

AP easily integrates with whatever technologies you currently use for eCommerce such as Shopify, Amazon, Magento, legacy versions of QuickBooks, shipping tools, EDI payments and many more, ensuring complete control over your inventory.


4. Fast Implementation and Immediate ROI

By reducing 98% of inventory hidden costs, AP increases profitability in even the most complex environments with higher sales volume due to sustained inventory levels and lowers operational costs. Many of our customers have witnessed exponential growth within the first year of deployment: as much as 30% increase in productivity and profitability. 

A proactive and lean team ensures the quick implementation of the new system specifically designed to combat your business challenges.


5. Cloud Hosting and Security

AdvancePro offers secure access with user restrictions on a ‘Need to Know’, improving the security of your sensitive data and simultaneously reducing data loss or leakage. Additionally, with cloud backups and secure hosting your confidential and highly volatile client data is protected at all times.

If you would like to learn more about how your business can benefits from better inventory control, get in touch with us here at AdvancePro.

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