Increase cash flow

Why Your Company Should Invest In AdvancePro?

Simply put, it will directly impact your company’s bottom line by helping reduce expenses, improve cash flow, and increase sales revenue. AdvancePro focuses on two key areas of your business – inventory management and business processes. AdvancePro will help your company practice and manage just-in-time inventory management for production or distribution.  Your company will save…

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Going the extra mile…

A client had placed a technical support request claiming production problems, loss of sales, having unfulfilled back orders, and more.  From the client’s perspective, it was due to difficulty with the point-of-sale (P.O.S.) module. The support team immersed themselves in the problem replicating the client’s environment in-house in an attempt to simulate the issue, determine…

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It is all about building valued customer relationships…

It is all about building valued customer relationships, understanding their business, and providing  responsive client-driven service. Recently I had a conversation with a very angry user. The CEO was extremely frustrated with how his company had been handled many years ago by the previous software vendor and now saw AdvancePro Technologies in the same light.…

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Critical issue report concerning legacy web services

Please note that an issue reported concerning legacy web services produced by the now defunked  AdvanceWare poses potential information leakage. The issue was reported by a legacy customer on an older website template platform. At this point the issue only impacts websites that are on this legacy template. AdvancePro Technologies Inc. has developed   new web templates. Customers…

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Sustainable, by definition, is something that is sufficiently supported and maintains its viability in the long run. Businesses aim to consistently flourish and grow, constantly developing deeper customer relationships and client driven solutions to create loyal and in support of its loyal customers, in the hope of sustaining a viable future. Sustainability is a necessary condition for a business’s success.